Netvoyager Thin Client Firmware Centre



Netvoyager products are constantly updated with new features, customer requirements and upgrades. Devices are only updated through the internet or locally using the InFocus management software or USB Pen Drive rescue solutions. Below is the list of our products and the current revision numbers associated with them.


Firmware Background

Netvoyager has two versions of the Thin Client firmware, Lithium and PhoenixOS. PhoenixOS is the latest firmware offering and Lithium is the legacy firmware. Development on the Lithium firmware stopped in 2004. Lithium support ends January 2009. There is an upgrade path for some products that operate the Lithium firmware. PhoenixOS launched in 2005 and will continue to be developed until 2010.


Current Firmware

Firmware Name: Phoenix
Variant Software Name Build-Revision Revision Release Date
LX1000 Phoenix 5.1.0-1228 2009-09
LX1010 Phoenix 5.4.1-0 2009-09
LX1012 Phoenix 5.4.4-0 2010-05
LX1021 Phoenix 5.4.1-0 2009-09
LX1022 Phoenix 5.4.3-1 2010-05
LX1032 Phoenix 5.4.3-1 2009-12
XP1022 WES 1.02 2011-09
XP1032 WES 1.02 2011-09


USB Pen Drive Rescue Solutions

These solutions are aimed at re-flashing devices to known software revisions. If the devices fail to boot for any reason (e.g. failed update process) use this method to restore your device. These rescue options are available for the specific Netvoyager platforms. This procedure requires a 256MB USB Pen Drive. All data on this Pen Drive will be destroyed during the rescue drive creation.


Lithium to PhoenixOS Upgrade

The Lithium software can be upgraded to the PhoenixOS firmware. As this is a major release, its a one way process, and all data and configurations will be lost and replaced with the new PhoenixOS firmware. The configuration between Lithium and PhoenixOS are not backward compatible. At this stage the supported product for the Lithium to PhoenixOS is the LX1010, click here to see the procedure.