Hospitality Solutions


The hospitality industry is a major service sector within the global economy. Its a broad term that encompasses a wide variety of services and not limited to the retail and hotel industries.

The hospitality industry's ICT needs can be summarised in to two areas, administration and front-office solutions. The administration areas function in a similar way to any corporate environment and hence Netvoyager thin clients are ideally suited to distribute corporate applications and data.

The other aspect of the hospitality industry is their front-office systems, which generally tend to be very different to the administration departments. However Netvoyager thin clients are ideal for all aspects of front-office deployments such as electronic points of sale (EPOS), booking and reservation systems, digital display/signage solutions as well as in-room internet access to name a few.

Case Studies

· Nifty Nosh increases EPOS installation in retail environments successfully by using open standards web hosted retail solution across the UK and cut the cost and time of deployment.

· Barcelo Hotels deploy Netvoyager thin clients across all their UK hotels to cut costs and improve ICT services across administration and room reservation services.


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