Thin Client Model:thin-client_lx

Introduction to Netvoyager LX Series Thin Clients

The Netvoyager LX Series thin client desktops feature the latest advancements in Linux embedded software technology packaged into the Netvoyager Phoenix™ operating system and contains everything needed for secure and powerful thin client environments. The Netvoyager LX Series support remote Windows and Unix server-based applications. The LX series is suited for different market verticals including corporate, government, education and the hospitality industry.

Netvoyager LX Series provides enterprise networking, wireless support, rich multimedia, vast connectivity using USB technology, and web browsing. All Netvoyager LX series thin clients offer high performance, easy management and a broad feature set at the lowest cost of ownership.

Supporting Citrix ICA, Microsoft RDP, NoMachine NX, VNC and X-Windows services as a minimum, the LX series offers all the traditional thin client benefits such as high security, centralised management & administration and vastly reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to desk-top PCs.

The Netvoyager LX series runs on the same hardware platform as some of the other Netvoyager thin client products. This means you can implement server-based computing using one vendor and platform based on either Linux or Windows operating systems, giving you the choice and investment protection. All LX Netvoyager thin clients are remotely manageable by our range of management software.