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Netvoyager tries to contribute in any way it can to support charities who are focused on child healthcare and safety. In addition to our employee's personal charitable endeavours, there are many worthwhile causes that we try to support that do not normally attract the mainstream support that they need due to their size and budget limitations.

Children's Safety Education Foundation (Charity No. 1103344)

The Children’s Safety Education Foundation aims to promote and further the Personal Safety, Social, Health and Citizenship Education of children and young people throughout the United Kingdom and Eire.

The most vulnerable citizens in all communities around the world are children, who are innocent and rely on the guidance from responsible adults in safety issues through interactive safety education to reduce the number of child victims.

By helping and supporting the Metropolitan Police Junior Citizen and Street-Vibe programmes, Netvoyager are directly making a difference to local children who will receive this vital educational programme.


Medical Aid for Iraqi Children (Charity No.1044222 )

With the unfortunate situation in Iraq, the innocent bystanders are the ones who suffer most in situations of war. The weakest and most affected are innocent children. Netvoyager supports this UK based charity who's sole aim is to provide medicines and medical equipment to paediatric hospitals in Iraq.


Children with Leukaemia (Charity No. 298405)

Leukaemia is cancer of the blood. The causes are not yet fully known, and a cure is by no means certain. Despite huge medical advances, leukaemia remains the most devastating childhood disease in the UK. CHILDREN with LEUKAEMIA is the national charity dedicated to conquering childhood leukaemia through research into the causes of the disease, improving treatments for sufferers and the welfare of leukaemic children and their families. One of our team members will be running at the London Marathon April 2007 in aid of this important charity of which Netvoyager & the team have made various donations.

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