Banking on Secure and Efficient IT Solutions

The financial services market is diverse covering merchant and commercial banking, retail banking to asset finance organisation, from private equity to insurance sectors. In any of these organisations, the technical needs are quite demanding, broad in expectations and have to fit the business and compliance policies.

Data accuracy, integrity and speed of access from across different system (Mainframes to computer clusters, Wintel to proprietary water cooled Unix systems) is a typical expectation of any desktop computing device to connect to. System failures and delays result in potentially damaging reputations, security risk exposure and non-compliance, not to mention excessive support overhead.

Therefore IT is critical and has to be robust and consistent. With the advent of client-server computing, Java based applications, server side hosting and virtualisation, the Netvoyager range of thin clients are ideal for such an environment with their multi-host non-homogeneous connectivity features.

Netvoyager thin clients provide access to sensitive financial data and access to powerful processing cluster, yet abstracting the access of data from the data's repository and processing, thus simplifying access to data but maintaining data integrity and security.

Netvoyager thin clients enable efficient desktop implementation whilst reducing operational costs from all aspects of desktop IT by at least 40% and increasing operational efficiency
Visible business performance improvements are noticeable in the short term
Half the IT human resource required to maintain desktops which can be efficiently re-deployed on more pressing projects
Desktop maintenance is reduced significantly
Application management and deployment is centralised and simplified
No data is stored locally
Control the use of external storage devices from a security and compliance perspective
Critical data is abstracted and secured at server level
Desktop availability and improved productivity is visible in the short term
Multi-screen support
Software compatibility across all applications and data sources
70% Power saving, environmental benefit, reduced CO2 and reduced bills
Applicable in corporate head-quarters, branch offices or even retail point of sale
Ensuring the proper levels of security
Providing a transparent cost structure
IT solution that promotes efficiency and productivity
Standardised desktop solution
Netvoyager thin clients are more reliable than traditional PCs
Regulatory compliance

The above are just a small list of benefits of using Netvoyager thin clients in the financial services sector, which will lead to a more lean and agile IT service and thus delivering competitiveness and bottom-line savings.

Current financial environment demands lateral thinking, optimised approach and innovative solutions and Netvoyager thin clients can help deliver these benefits in record time and within budget. This strategic approach allows employees with access to the same desktop, from anywhere (company headquarters to branch offices) at anytime.

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