Environmental Responsibility

The dangers of global warming, pollution, and resource depletion are real and they are happening now. Our company is conscience of the global environmental changes, and we are proactive in including environmental conscience decisions in our business processes.

Our thin client technology contributes positively to the environment by reducing energy consumption per desktop. In addition to using recycled packaging, WEEE and RoHS compliant products, Netvoyager Technology Limited supports various other activities that help contribute positively to the global environment.

Netvoyager Technology Limited supports "carbon offsetting" schemes. Carbon offsetting works on the principle that if we know how much carbon dioxide is produced whilst carrying out a particular activity we can take steps to try and redress the emission of the greenhouse gas. Most carbon offsetting involves planting trees and harnessing their natural ability to soak up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as well as schemes that help to finance ways of reducing the amount of CO2 we produce.

But together with taking steps to reduce the amount of CO2 emissions we are responsible for in our day to day activities, a carbon offsetting scheme is a positive step in creating a more sustainable city.


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