Thin Client Model:ce1010

CE Series: Model CE-1010

The Netvoyager CE-1010 is an ideal thin client desktop for corporate, healthcare and education establishments. The CE-1010 offers high performance, easy management and a broad feature set at the lowest cost of ownership. The CE-1010 is based on Windows CE.NET, the latest embedded operating system from Microsoft.

The CE-1010 is a member of the powerful Microsoft Windows class of CE thin client desktops. Supporting Citrix ICA, Microsoft RDP and Tarantella services, the CE-1010 offers all the traditional thin client benefits such as high security, centralised management & administration and vastly reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to desk-top PCs.

In addition to better performance, the CE-1010 supports external USB floppy drives, hard drives and flash drives, making it the most flexible thin client solution.

If your project requires an industry standard, off-the-shelf thin client at the lowest total cost of ownership, with external storage requirements, the CE-1010 is your choice for the quickest and easiest installation.

Like all Netvoyager thin clients, the CE-1010 is remotely manageable by our range of management software.

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