Netvoyager Thin Clients within the Telecommunications Industry

Netvoyager thin client technology are an ideal solution which can be used within telecommunication organisations or part of a product solution offered to its clients.

Internally, as telecommunication networks become more complex, thin clients are becoming the solution of choice for connecting a variety of computers spread out over a large area. The Gartner Group reports that thin clients can reduce staffing costs by as much as 80 percent and greatly accelerate application deployment, allowing software to be introduced or upgraded in hours, rather than weeks or months.

Netvoyager thin clients provide operators secure, consistent, seamless access to applications and information.

With Netvoyager thin client technology, applications can be easily and rapidly deployed, at any location, over any connection, including low-bandwidth and wireless. This kind of system deployment reduces the inequities in technology access that exist among homes, schools and even classrooms.

Using Netvoyager thin client desktops and server-based application delivery using systems such as Microsoft Terminal Services or Citrix MetaFrame, telecom operators can extend services traditional telephony/connectivity.

The benefits of Netvoyager thin client solutions in Telecommunications:
· Provide uniform access to applications and data
· Enable easy deployment of administrative applications throughout the network
· Extend the network beyond the confines of the traditional telecoms services
· Improve IT operations productivity while reducing costs
· Control security and access
· Constant reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO) of desktop assets
· Constant return on investment (RoI)

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