Netvoyager Thin Client

Introduction to Netvoyager Thin Client Technology

Netvoyager is the fastest growing UK designer of thin client technology, offering a portfolio of network-based products with an unrivalled price to performance ratio. Our product development is driven by our client's business needs resulting in one of the lowest cost of ownership.

Netvoyager provides all the components for a successful thin client implementation including professional services. Your total end-to-end thin client and server-based computing solution partner.

LX Series of Netvoyager thin clients are enterprise level desktops providing all the support for thin client server technology in a mixed environment. The LX Series provides Citrix ICA, Microsoft RDP, Unix X-Windows, VNC and a local browser.

Thin Client Management Software offered by Netvoyager covers all areas such are InFocus remote management, TScale server management and optimisation as well as WinDesk the software based thin client which converts PCs into thin client desktops.