Research White Papers

Below is a list of research white papers related to thin client and Internet technologies. It is provided to you purely as a collection of references and no endorsements or recommendations are being made or implied.

Cost of Ownership

Operational Cost Comparison - Thin Client vs PC (Netvoyager plc)

Total Cost of Ownership Calculator (Netvoyager plc)

Energy Consumption (Netvoyager plc)

Lowering the Total Cost of Applications Ownership in the education enterprise (Citrix Inc - 2002)

Virtualisation : VDI or Not To VDI - Thats The Real Question (Netvoyager plc - 2007)

Security & User Profiles

Security and Cost Comparison of Thin Client and PC Technology (Netvoyager - December 2001)

User Profile and Home Directory Behavior with Terminal Services (Microsoft Inc)

Assign a Home Directory to a User (Microsoft Inc)

Terminal Services System Variables (Microsoft Inc)

Licensing & Applications

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 TS Licensing (Microsoft Inc - 2003)

Deploying Office XP on Terminal Services (Microsoft Inc)

Configuring TCP KeepAlive Values to Improve WAN links and ICA KeepAlives (Citrix Inc)

Microsoft Grouping Policies

Grouping Policy Management Console (Microsoft Inc)

Learning more about Group Policies (Microsoft Inc)

Windows 2000 Group Policies (Microsoft Inc)

Microsoft Group Policies Knowledge Base (Microsoft Inc)

Microsoft Printing Strategies

Windows Server 2003 Terminal Services & Printing (Microsoft Inc)

Printers That Use Ports That Do Not Begin With COM, LPT, or USB [Local Copy] (Microsoft Inc)

Changing the RDP Listening TCP Port [Local Copy] (Microsoft Inc)

Performance & Tuning
MS Office 2003 Scalability Analysis - Looking at performance tuning and capacity planning for MS Office environment (Citrix Inc - 2003)