Thin Client Model:lx1040

LX Series: Model LX-1040

The Netvoyager LX-1040 is an enterprise level compact and powerful fully integrated 17" LCD monitor and thin client based on Netvoyager's successful operating system, Lithium™. It is ideal for the most demanding thin client users that require more protocol support, features and expansion. The LX-1040 supports remote applications access on Citrix ICA, Microsoft RDP, X-Windows, Tarantella and VNC servers as well as terminal-based protocols such as Terminal Emulation, Telnet and SSH.

The LX-1040 thin client can be configured with a local desktop or kiosk based session manager. Support for multi-window and multi-protocol remote sessions is also included. The built-in embedded Mozilla Firefox browser allows the LX-1040 to operate independently of remote servers and allows you to connect to internet sites and supports the latest in browser technologies such as JavaScript, Java and Macromedia Flash player support.

The LX-1040 can be placed on a desk or mounted to a wall, mobile cart or arm extension, making it ideal for high-visibility locations such as retail customer service areas, as well as environments with limited desk space such as healthcare, transportation, hospitality and call center facilities

  Features Summary
•  1Ghz Intel based processor
Powerful graphics sub-system
17" LCD capable of 1280x1024
Remotely upgradable & manageable
Energy efficient and environmentally friendly
Many USB options including external storage and wireless LAN
Connectivity features include Windows Terminal Server, Citrix, Tarantella, X-Windows, Terminal Emulation, FireFox Browser

The LX-1040 offers a unified thin client solution for heterogeneous mixed technology environments. It allows you to connect to Unix and Windows sessions concurrently and share information from two diverse server-platforms. With such high level of integration and performance, the LX-1040 thin client has one of the lowest cost of ownership and the highest return on your investment.

In addition to high performance, the LX-1040 supports external USB floppy drives, hard drives and flash drives, making it a very flexible thin client solution. The LX-1040 is feature rich and maintains one of the lowest cost of ownership yet is based on secure and stable technology.

Like all Netvoyager thin clients, the LX-1040 is remotely manageable by our range of management software.

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