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Netvoyager thin client solutions in Education provide students, teachers and administrators secure, consistent, seamless access to educational applications and information required to enable continuous modern learning practices. Netvoyager thin client technology, applications are easily and rapidly deployed, at any location, over any connection—including low-bandwidth and wireless. This lets schools and universities operate more efficiently and manage their limited IT resources more effectively. Netvoyager thin client desktops facilitate learning in new ways for education establishments.

This kind of system deployment reduces the inequities in technology access that exist among homes, schools and even classrooms. Teachers can better meet the need to provide more one-to-one instruction. Students are empowered to take more responsibility for their own learning and encouraged to develop skills that will foster lifelong learning. Parents and members of the community-at-large can interact more easily with the school.

Case Studies

· Haywood High School introduces Netvoyager thin clients to classroom and student home access. Remote access is now a simple reality.

· Kelly College increases ICT access by deploying Netvoyager thin clients across their campus without increasing ICT management costs.

Connecting schools to online systems, closing the “digital divide”

Using Netvoyager thin client desktops and server-based application delivery using systems such as Microsoft Terminal Services or Citrix MetaFrame, you can extend education applications and widen access to online services beyond the confines of the computer room.

The benefits of Netvoyager Solutions in Education:

· Provide uniform access to educational and general applications
· Enable easy deployment of administrative applications throughout the school
· Extend the classroom beyond the confines of the classroom
· Improve IT operations productivity while reducing costs
· Control security and access
· Simple and manageable method of introducing computers in the classroom


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