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Tarantella Enterprise Explained

Tarantella offers a broad range of server-based computing remote access software solutions that provide immediate and secure access to applications and data from anywhere over the intranet, extranet and the Internet.

Tarantella is an alternative to using Terminal Services/Citrix MetaFrame and complimentary to them as well. Some of the features and benefits of Tarantella server software include:

- Extend server-based computing, economically
- Connect remote and mobile workers, securely
- Web-enable corporate applications, easily
- Consolidate data centres, cost-efficiently
- Renew existing desktops, instantly
- Ensure business continuance, globally
- Protect corporate data, practically
- Add powerful management and control, simply

Tarantella installs only on Unix/Linux and acts as a gateway to all other WinTel and Unix/Linux servers that host the business applications and provides server-redundancy, load-balancing, web browser access to applications and provides a simpler method to access applications on-demand in a heterogeneous environment.

Tarantella Enterprise Edition server software uses a unique, non-intrusive, three tier modular architecture to provide universal access to your business applications. These include Microsoft® Windows®, UNIX®, Linux®, mainframe or midrange applications. No modification of the clients, networks, applications or servers is necessary. Users simply access their applications through a unified web-based interface.

Tarantella software supports industry standard application platform protocols such as RDP, X11, VT, 3270 and 5250, translates on the fly and then delivers the applications immediately without modification. From the data centre to the client, Tarantella Enterprise Edition server software uses its patented Adaptive Internet Protocol (AIP) to offer consistent LAN performance over an ever-changing WAN connection. The AIP protocol is efficient and provides fast access to remote applications over LAN connections but the performance advantage compared to other protocols is more apparent over WAN connections which makes Tarantella an ideal method for remote branch access.