Thin Client Model:xp1032

XP Series: Model XP1032

The Netvoyager XP1032 is a compact, powerful and feature rich dual monitor Windows thin client. Supporting Microsoft Terminal Services and Microsoft RemoteApp, Citrix XenApp, VMware View/vSphere, 2X, Ericom, NoMachine, Linux & Unix Servers and a local browser for the lowest cost of ownership.

The Netvoyager Neterm XP1032 is driven by a 1.6GHz processing engine and the Microsoft® Windows® Embedded Standard 2009 operating system and is suitable for environments that require a wide variety of application server support and emulation connectivity. The XP1032 provides all this in a stylish, space efficient slim desktop device.

The Microsoft® Windows® Embedded Standard 2009 operating system provides Microsoft® Windows® XP in a thin client format so it displays a user interface that's familiar to most thick client users. For some organisations the built in Internet Explorer (IE) with support for Media Player, Java, Flash, Shockwave, PDF and MS Office file viewers is a necessity. Win32 compatibility for applications and drivers means that custom applications and drivers can be very easily embedded into the thin client.

The XP1032 also provides support for advanced virtualisation technology such as HDX from Citrix and the Teradici based PCoIP from VMware.

The Neterm XP1032 thin client desktop is the ideal method to deliver applications on-demand using server-based computing. The XP1032 is suitable for implementation in healthcare, education, call centres, retail or any corporate enterprise.

As standard the Neterm XP1032 includes remote session support for Microsoft, Citrix, VMware, 2X, Ericom, NoMachine, UNIX and Linux servers in a very small desktop footprint. The embedded Internet Explorer (IE) browser provides the XP1032 with independent internet access whilst supporting Adobe Flash, Shockwave, Java, PDF and MS Office file viewers.

The Neterm XP1032 offers unparalleled expansion using USB ports and dual VGA and DVI display outputs. Support for built-in wireless and card reader are optional. The Neterm can be remotely managed using a VNC client. The Netvoyager Neterm XP1032 is the perfect single desktop strategy to access heterogeneous networks with multiple systems such as Windows, Linux and Unix systems. With powerful graphics and stereo sound, there is no compromise in productivity features.

Whether it is for a remote site or local use, the Netvoyager Neterm XP1032 plugs straight into your network and to your server-based computing infrastructure with minimal configuration. A low carbon footprint, space efficient desktop solution with a low total cost of ownership (TCO) and a high return on investment (ROI) ratio.

1.6GHz processing power, 1GB DDR-2 RAM, 1GB Flash
Powerful graphics sub-system capable of 1920 x 1080
Dual display output on VGA and DVI ports, 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet
4 x USB
Energy efficient
Built-in IE browser with Media Player, Java, Flash, Shockwave, PDF and MS Office file viewers

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