Thin Client Model:infocus

InFocus - Enterprise Remote Management

InFocus is a comprehensive, web-based, management tool for Netvoyager thin client devices. It can be accessed from any browser-enabled device, empowering IT departments to manage, maintain and support their Netvoyager thin client assets.

Furthermore, InFocus provides SNMP network tools to allow monitoring of other manufacturers' devices. InFocus web interface enables you to manage your thin clients wherever they are deployed in your enterprise.

It is the first web-enabled enterprise level thin client management tool to fully support all Netvoyager products irrespective of their operating system base.

InFocus is a simple, easy to install and use application. Its intuitive web-based interface makes it easy to manage thousands of appliances.

  Features & Benefits
- Centralise management of your thin clients
- Simple web interface access across your enterprise
- Group and profile devices
- Task scheduling
- Remote update
- Switch on and off devices