Netvoyager Thin Client Energy Efficiency

Netvoyager Thin Client Energy Efficiency - Carbon Trust UK

Energy-Efficiency Loans from the Carbon Trust are a cost effective way to replace or upgrade your existing equipment with a more energy efficient technology such as Netvoyager thin clients.

If you're a small or medium-sized business in England or Scotland, you could borrow between £5,000 and £100,000 interest free, repayable over a period of up to 4 years, to fund the purchase of equipment such as Netvoyager thin client desktop technology. All businesses in Wales and Northern Ireland may apply and the maximum loan in Northern Ireland is £400,000.

For further information, or to find out whether you’re eligible for an interest free Energy Efficiency loan, first use our online calculator and see how much you could save on your energy bill and reduce your company's carbon emissions by implementing Netvoyager thin client technology, and what kind of loan you can receive to fund the project.

Once you have seen the potential of energy saving, visit the Eligibility Checklist and Loan Calculator on the Carbon Trust Website.

Fantastic government driven opportunity with the following benefits:

- Implement new technology from Netvoyager
- Save on your energy bill
- Reduce your negative environmental impact
- Get an interest free loan to fund the project

Energy Calculator Parameters
No. PCs to be replaced by Netvoyager Thin Clients
No. of additional desktop implementations using Netvoyager thin clients
Select average time a desktop is left on
Average days the desktops are left switched on
Average PC consumption 175 Watts
Average Netvoyager thin client consumption 20 Watts
Average commercial electricity rate £ 0.15 per KWH
CO2 emissions per KWh (EC data) 0.52 Kg
A carbon emissions table is also provided by the EU as a guideline, which is available here.
Click here to view a typical illustration of the savings, both environmental and cost, for a 50 user SME.
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