Thin Client Model:lx1000

LX Series: Model LX-1000

The Netvoyager LX-1000 is an entry level thin client based on Netvoyager's operating system, Phoenix™. It is ideal for task orientated hosted applications such as data entry. The LX-1000 supports remote applications on Citrix ICA, Microsoft RDP, X-Windows, VNC servers as well as terminal-based protocols such as Telnet and SSH.

The LX-1000 is compact and can be mounted on the back of VESA compatible monitors for even more desk space optimisation. Consuming less than 15 watts, the LX-1000 is one of the lowest energy footprint thin client devices in the market.

The LX-1000 can be configured with a local desktop or with a kiosk based session manager. Support for multi-window and multi-protocol remote sessions is also included. The LX-1000 supports external USB floppy drives, hard drives and flash drives, making it a very flexible thin client solution.

A very portable and slim device, consuming a less than 15W (at peak CPU performance - compared to an average PC consuming 300W), the LX-1000 could pay for itself within a year from electricity/energy cost savings alone.

The LX-1000 is feature rich and maintains one of the lowest cost of ownership without compromising security and technology stability.

Like all Netvoyager thin clients, the LX-1000 is remotely manageable by our range of management software.

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