Environmental Responsibility - Green IT Framework

The dangers of global warming, pollution, and resource depletion are real and they are happening now and all around us. Its not just affecting glaciers in the North Pole, which will result in rising sea levels and the erosion of our coast line of our island. The effects of global warming and pollution is affecting our environment here at home, with obvious signs of freak weather, flooding and droughts.

We all have a responsibility of ensuring environmental technology is at the heart of our IT strategies and existing technology is reviewed and replaced with environmental efficient solutions and new technology deployments are select on their environmental credentials.

You might say that all this costs, well actually that is incorrect, it saves the environment, reduces your CO2 emissions, it reduces your electricity costs which are increasing at an alarming rate, saves time and support costs.

By deploying environmental technology such as Netvoyager thin clients, you are telling your customers that your company is conscious of the environment, that you are actively doing something about it. In parallel you are reducing your IT energy costs and your total cost of ownership costs which you can divert these savings into other strategic IT investments which would make your company even more competitive.

Even though the environment issues we speak about are happening on a daily basis, the adoption of efficient IT is slow, which must change immediately to start to make a different over the next 2 years.

  Consider The Immediate Benefits of Netvoyager Thin Clients
Our devices consume nearly 90% less electricity than a PC
Our thin clients generate less heat, meaning less air-conditioning or cooling costs which also generates CO2
Our thin clients have a longer life cycle than a PC
Netvoyager products comply with ROHS and WEEE policies
Our thin clients consume less CO2 and industrial waste than PCs

  Our Commitment To you
Continued R&D to reduce power consumption by our devices even though our products range from 10W to 35W
Continue to reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing our products even when its already significantly less than traditional PCs
Add more flexibility and features to our products to reduce any need for traditional PCs
Continue to expand our environmental policy and support of environmental preservation and regeneration

Energy Comparison between a typical Office IT and an Environmental Efficient Office IT

If we take a typical office in a standard SME in any industry sector, which may have 50 traditional PCs and 3 servers acting as domain/file/print, mail and database servers, and we are going to compare it with an equivalent office using Netvoyager thin clients.

PC Model Thin Client Model Savings
Assets Deployed 3 servers and 50 PCs 4 servers and 50 thin clients
Total Watts 6,280 Watts per Hour 2,040 Watts per Hour 4.2 KiloWatts per Hour Less
Total KWH 21,352 KWH per year 6,936 KWH per year 14,416 KWH less per year
Total Electricity Cost per Year £ 2,348.72 £ 762.96 £1,585.76 less electricity costs
Total CO2 Generated per Year 13,878.80 kg (13.9 Tons) 4,508.40 kg (4.5 Tons) 9.37 CO2 Tons less
      Saving 187 kg of CO2 per user per year

General Assumptions
Average PC consumption 110 Watts
Average Server consumption 260 Watts
Average Netvoyager thin client consumption 20 Watts
Average use of 10 hours per day, 340 days per annum
Average commercial electricity rate £ 0.11 per KWH
CO2 emissions per KWh (EC data) 0.65 Kg


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