Thin Client Model:ce1000

CE Series: Model CE-1000

The Netvoyager CE-1000 is a TV based thin client, providing server based application access through a standard television. This thin client appliance is ideal for deployment in hospitality markets and confererence room facilities.

The CE-1000 appliance allows Application Service Providers (ASP) and Internet Service Providers (ISP) to offer their retail users a new and exciting service delivered over broadband and viewed on television.

The Netvoyager CE-1000 offers high performance, easy management and a broad feature set at the lowest cost of ownership. Supporting Citrix ICA and Microsoft RDP services, the CE-1000 provides all the traditional thin client benefits such as high security, centralised management & administration and vastly reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to desk-top PCs and set-top box devices.

To support the CE-1000 thin client appliance, an interactive TV portal has been developed that aggregates news feeds and integrates with other in-house written modules such as web based email and chat systems as well as transcoder middleware to convert websites for easier viewing on television.

If your project requires an industry standard, off-the-shelf thin client at the lowest total cost of ownership for TV and media applications, the CE-1000 series is your choice for the quickest and easiest installation.

Like all Netvoyager thin clients, the CE-1000 is remotely manageable by our range of management software.

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