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Flexible Secure Web Gateway and Firewall Platform

Supporting CensorNet Secure Web Gateway (SWG) and Cloud Gateway or Firewall configurations.

The NN series Netvoyager Network Appliances provide a solid platform for deploying on-premise gateways that provide one of the following gateway functions:

CensorNet SWG
CensorNet Cloud Gateway for Hybrid (Cloud) Web Security


Two models are available, the NN100 and NN500.

Desk mount, dual core
NN100-CS CensorNet SWG
NN100-CC CensorNet Cloud Gateway
NN100-xF Firewall

Rack mount 1U, 8 core
NN500-CS CensorNet SWG
NN500-CC CensorNet Cloud Gateway
NN500-xF Firewall


N100 - no moving parts, completely silent
N500 - all solid state
Low power design
1 year RTB Warranty

The NN100 is designed to meet the needs of the small business, branch office or small school. It features a dual core 1.8GHz processor, 4GB RAM, SSD storage and six 10/100/1000Mbps ports. The NN100 has a tiny slim desk mount form factor, has no moving parts and is completely free of fan noise.

The NN500 is designed for mid sized businesses and schools. It features an 8 core 2.4GHz processor, 8GB RAM, SSD storage, control panel and six 10/100/1000Mbps ports. The NN500 has a 1U rack mount form factor and a completely solid state design.

On-premise CensorNet Secure Web Gateway

Local network proxy
Secure BYOD networks
Secure web access quickly
Image content filtering
Active Directory support
Block malware & anonymizers
Control 140+ categories

In-cloud CensorNet Hybrid Web Security

Fast "no proxy" cloud solution
Cloud based management
BYOD support
iOS filtering
Roaming users
Granular filter rules
Control 140+ categories
Block malware & anonymizers
Active Directory support

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