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Citrix Metaframe & Presentation Server

Citrix Access Suite is the ultimate server-based computing platform. Access Suite is a solution delivering unlimited and secure access anywhere. Netvoyager is a Citrix OEM partner as well as a reseller partner.

Although the Citrix products can be purchased as separate modules, Access Suite combines three world-class products into one integrated access infrastructure solution for on-demand business:

Citrix Presentation Server™ 4.0
Citrix Access Gateway™ 4.0
Citrix Password Manager™ 4.0

It provides organisations of all sizes with new capabilities like SmoothRoaming and SmartAccess to unlock access, accelerate agility, drive growth and reduce operational costs. Access Suite 4.0 is loaded with leading-edge technology that is critical for addressing key issues from achieving regulatory compliance to enabling IT efficiency and productivity and simply making lines of business support much easier. Faster and more secure than previous solutions, it lets you:

Deliver continuous user access across devices, networks and locations for maximum productivity. For instance, proximity printing improves mobile working productivity by automatically connecting users to printers nearest to them.
Provide secure, managed and adaptable access to Windows, UNIX and Web applications from devices of any type, over any network, anywhere.
Ensure secure remote access through integrated hardware-based SSL VPN technology.

Security will inevitably be the top technical issue affecting your company for the considerable future. Extending access to company resources from virtually anywhere in the world will bring significant business benefits. However, it will also increase the likelihood of an attack if not implemented correctly with the right tools. Changing user behaviour through security policies and education is key to combating IT-based threats but the right tools and systems are as crucial.

Citrix Presentation Server™ 4.0 – instant, secure & easy application deployment

New benefits of the market-leading presentation server that centralises and standardises the deployment of any application includes improved printing capabilities through proximity printing, universal support of UNIX applications, improved application compatibility through virtual IPs and increased server performance through CPU and Memory Management.

Citrix Access Gateway™ 4.0 – single point of universal access

Citrix Access Gateway is a universal SSL VPN appliance that combines the best features of IPSec and typical SSL VPNs – without the costly and cumbersome implementation and management – to make access easy for users, secure for the company, and low-cost for the IT department. Citrix Access Gateway provides a secure, always-on, single point of access to any information resource. With the addition of the Advanced Access Control option, the IT organisation can utilise sense and response capabilities to not only provide or deny access to appropriate applications, but also control the level of user action rights for each application or resource accessed.

Citrix Password Manager™ 4.0 – single sign-on with new Hot Desktop

Password Manager 4.0 is the elegantly simple single sign-on solution that provides secure user access to password-protected applications in seconds through a new intuitive user interface and management console, enhanced event logging and cryptographic signing — as well as decreasing support costs through self-service password reset.

Education & Charity Organisations

If you are an academic establishment or a registered charity, you are entitled to purchase Citrix products with the appropriate discounts which are not available to corporate customers.

To be entitled to these discount structures, you must already be an authorised academic entity with the appropriate Citrix Academic Entity License Agreement in place. If you are an academic entity and want to benefit from such discounts and you are not registered yet, fill in the Citrix Academic Entity License Agreement form and send it to us and we will liaise with Citrix on your behalf to get your organisation authorised, if applicable.