Netvoyager Healthcare Application

Injecting new thinking into your healthcare enterprise and improve your information flow

Simplify Technology, Reduce Costs, Improve Return on Investment and Patient Care are just some of the objectives within any Healthcare operation.

With constant infrastructure refresh and pressure to find cost-effective methods to replace aging PCs in an ever growing environment, implementing Netvoyager thin client desktop technology and remote management, provides one consistent solution with a single interface for managing, installing, updating and securing software in the Healthcare enterprise.

Netvoyager thin clients are being used at various NHS healthcare facilities which include nursing stations, laboratories, general practitioners and business offices. Netvoyager thin client advantages over PCs include "lock down" of the users' environment, preventing the introduction of un-authorised software and viruses.

In addition, Netvoyager thin client appliances are less expensive to purchase and administer than PCs because centralising the management of software on the server means that IT staff do not have to go in to the field to perform upgrades.

Healthcare environments benefit significantly from the repeatability of easily deploying Netvoyager thin clients anywhere, locally or regionally. Utilising Netvoyager's "hassle-free" thin clients at "point of care" locations enables Healthcare professionals to focus on what they do best -- take care of patients."

Netvoyager thin client appliances, which do not have floppy drives or hard drives, offer enhanced protection of patient privacy as required by the Data Protection Act and BMA guidelines, since confidential records can not be copied and removed. The fact that applications run on servers, rather than desktop PCs, this method reduces support costs and also prevents staff from accessing the non-essential programs that ordinarily ship with PCs.

The benefits of Netvoyager Solutions in Healthcare:
· Reduce the technology burden on Healthcare staff
· Provide uniform access to healthcare and general applications
· Enhance patient privacy and control security
· Distribute data and application access easily
· Reduce the overall operational cost of desktop support and management

Netvoyager has conducted a study investigating the benefits of the use of our products within our current NHS userbase. The study concludes with a summary of 4 distinct areas of business benefit using our technology, click here to view the report.

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