Digital Signage Solutions with Netvoyager Thin Client Technology


Netvoyager thin client technology has many applications beyond their original objective as desktop alternatives. One such objective is the engine behind digital signage solutions.

Digital signage is a form of out-of-home advertising in which content and messages displayed on an electronic screen, or digital sign, can be changed without modification to the physical sign, typically with the goal of delivering targeted messages to specific locations at specific times.

Digital signage offers superior return on investment compared to traditional printed signs. Digital signage using Netvoyager thin clients can deliver content displayed on digital LCD or Plasma screens and the content can range from simple text, still images to full-motion video, with or without audio.

Some operators of digital signage networks, particularly in the retail industry, regard their networks as comparable to television channels, displaying entertaining and informational content interspersed with advertisements.

Digital signage is constructed from three distinct components. The advert distribution system, the communications system and display system. Netvoyager thin clients cover the last two components as an open non-proprietary alternative providing all the flexibility that you require in your digital signage requirement, leaving you to concentrate on advert sales and distribution.

Netvoyager thin clients provide advert operators secure, consistent and simple technology building block with very low maintenance requirement and remote control facilities.

The benefits of Netvoyager thin client solutions in Digital Signage:

· Provide uniform access to advertising content
· Enable easy deployment with administrative capabilities
· Extend the advertising network beyond the confines of the traditional methods
· Improve and centralise IT operational productivity while reducing costs
· Control security and access
· Constant reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO) of desktop assets
· Constant return on investment (RoI)
· Application across all verticals including but not limited to flight information in airports, train schedules, advertising in waiting areas, retail in-store promotions, school annouccements and market ticker information in financial sectors. One solution, multiple applications.
· Uniform access to advertising content through kiosk based browser system.
· Stream HTML pages with multimedia content such as AJAX, animated GIF images and Macromedia Flash movies.
· Centralised management of all Netvoyager digital signage assets.
· Complete solid state without moving parts, reducing field repair costs.
· On-line and off-line solution without the need for persistent network connectivity.
· Multiple platform from standalone devices to integrated LCD devices.
· Not limited to display size.

Digital signage solutions with Netvoyager thin client technology give you the power to enrich customer experience, build brand awareness and loyalty, and drive bottom-line results.

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