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This schedule sets forth the manner in which defective Netvoyager products may be returned for replacement, repair or refurbishment. If you purchased Netvoyager products direct from Netvoyager, use the online RMA process. If you purchased Netvoyager products through a Reseller or Distributor, you may also use the online form or you may wish to contact your "source of purchase" to support you. This process only applies to products still under warranty.

Replacement, repair or refurbishment of products outside the warranty period will attract a charge. This is to be discussed with your "source of purchase" or direct with Netvoyager.

2. Requesting an RMA Number

To request a return material authorisation policy ("RMA") number for any of the Netvoyager products, fill the RMA request form online, which must be completed, listing the serial number of the defective product and the nature of the defect.

The completed RMA form then must be submitted electronically which will be routed to our RMA administration team. An RMA Number will be issued for defective Products due to material or workmanship defects only. Only a Product that has been assigned an RMA Number may be returned for repair. An RMA Number expires after 7 days.

3. Packaging and Shipping of Products for Repair

All Products that have been assigned an RMA Number must be packaged in their original packaging, or in a manner that will ensure that additional damage will not be done during shipping. Repair or replacement costs will be charged for a Product damaged in shipping due to improper packaging.

All Products must be complete when returned. Products not returned complete will be returned incomplete after repair.

Missing components can be purchased separately from Netvoyager and will be invoiced accordingly.

Netvoyager shall not be responsible for replacing goods not returned.

Products to be returned must be prepared in a manner acceptable for shipment. Each consignment must be marked with the RMA Number assigned. Consignments must not contain a Product authorised for return on more than one RMA Number.

The returned goods must have the RMA Form attached on the external side of the packaging. Failure to do so shall mean that the package will not be accepted and will be returned or the RMA processing will take much longer than originally planned.

Netvoyager shall process all RMA shipments as quickly and as reasonably possible.

4. Standard Defective Goods

Goods found to be defective or become defective after 20 days of the date of shipment shall be deemed Standard Defective Goods and returned repaired as is. The warranty period shall remain from the original day of invoice unless the RMA repair takes longer than 40 days. If the RMA repair period takes longer than 40 days, then the repaired Products shall have an additional 10 days from the original warranty termination date.

5. DOA Products

DOA Products shall be returned and/or remanufactured accordingly.

6. Non Defective & Mislabelled Goods

Should any goods being returned, be tested and found to have no fault or a fault not covered by warranty (see exclusions below), Netvoyager shall levy a flat fee charge of £50 (€60 or $100) per unit. In addition, should any of the goods found to be mislabelled or non-labelled; Netvoyager shall levy a flat fee rate of £50 per unit (€60 or $100).

7. Warranty

The standard warranty terms and conditions are 1 year from date of purchase, unless advised otherwise by Netvoyager.

The following general exclusions apply:
i. Customer misuse
ii. Damage other than manufacturing defects
iii. Transit/Courier damage
iv. Incorrect voltage or power supply used
v. Incorrect signal
vi. Abnormal environment operating conditions
vii. Modifications to the unit or inexpert/attempted repair
viii. No fault found - where no fault can be found after extensive testing, indicating user error or failure in ancillary equipment

Should any of the above exclusions apply, Netvoyager reserves the right to raise any relevant charges to the customer.