Channel Partner Programme

A valuable opportunity for resellers, distributors and service providers to take advantage of the growth in thin client desktop technology and server based computing by partnering and utilising Netvoyager thin client technology and building new market verticals.


Company Overview
Netvoyager Plc is the only UK-based specialist in the design and development of thin client technology solutions. Our hardware products are designed in the UK and manufactured exclusively in our facilities in Aisa, bringing together the benefits of British design with the economies of Taiwanese manufacturing.

The Market
An increasing number of IT decision-makers in both public and private sectors, are adopting thin client strategies. They are benefiting from increased security, efficiency and productivity at the desktop without sacrificing the conveniences of advanced technology.

We believe that by implementing Netvoyager thin clients and centralising operations, your clients can reduce their desktop computing costs by at least 40%. Netvoyager thin client technology is a catalyst for sales of software licenses, monitors and server hardware.

The Products
The Netvoyager series of thin client desktops provide all the functionality of a PC at a vastly reduced cost of ownership, yet supporting a wide range of features, connectivity support and accessories.


Channel Partner Benefits
Netvoyager is committed to channel partners by providing sales support at all levels. The Channel Partner Programme is designed to address all aspects of a successful thin client sales strategy.

o Starter Pack
Unleash the benefits of server based computing with two powerful UK designed Netvoyager thin clients.
o High margin
Netvoyager products deliver high margin opportunities with minimal stock risk.
o Product Training
Dedicated communication with our channel managers to help you develop new and existing market verticals.
o Co-operative Marketing Programme
Netvoyager channel partners are eligible to access co-op funds for pre-approved marketing activities.
o Advertising
Benefit from advertising on our website, search engines and print media.
o Collateral
We will support you with product pricing, announcements and promotional materials.
o Demo Products
To assist in closing sales, NFR and evaluation products are available to our channel partners.
o Joint Marketing Programs
Develop and create lead-generating programs that include seminars, trade shows, advertising, direct mail and other marketing initiates.
o Lead Generation
Pass on leads generated from marketing promotions and regional activities.
o Public Relations
Joint business and industry press activities that include press releases, case studies, success stories, and event participation.
o Technical support
Channel partners will receive priority professional technical support by our friendly customer focused team.

Contact Us
Server-centric computing and thin clients help solve many business problems. Many of your peers have adopted sales of this architecture as it is solution driven and generates healthy margins. To learn more about becoming a Netvoyager channel partner, contact our business development team to discuss this exciting opportunity.


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